BT HOME INSPECTIONS is certified and experienced in providing septic and well inspections as an added service completing our full service offerings. BT Home Inspections has the Board Certifications as required for well and septic in Shiawassee County.

Components of our Septic Inspection Process: Evaluate septic components inside the home - we check all appliances and associated pipes for proper connections. We also determine whether all waste lines are properly discharging into approved waste systems. Examine inside the treatment tank: Our inspectors open the tank, examine the inlet and outlet baffles and determine the volume of the treatment tank. The waste levels inside the treatment tank are also checked.

Components of our Well Inspection Process: When buying a home with a well, your home inspection should include a well system check up to ensure the well is in good working order and the quality of the water produced meets health standards. Well water should be of the highest quality possible. However, there are many sources of contaminants that can contribute to poor quality conditions. In many cases the homeowner isn’t aware of quality problems because they may increase slowly over time without noticeable change in taste or odor.

BT HOME INSPECTIONS performs Well and Water Analysis: State approved inspection requiring, collecting water sample in sterile containers; physical inspection of above ground well components and pressure equipment; laboratory analysis for bacterial contaminants.

Chemical Analysis - State approved inspection requiring, collection of water sample; laboratory analysis for lead, nitrate and nitrite concentrations. (required with FHA and VA loans)