Thank you for completing a very thorough inspection of the house on Chandler. I hope that I will be able to move in soon. Thanks again!

                                                                                                 Rebecca Richardson

We were very new to real estate and this was our first home that we purchased. Both my wife's brothers work at Home Depot and advised us to get a home inspection. Bob offered two typed of service. The first was the home inspection, which covered basically the house. The second inspection was the septic/well inspection and each was very reasonable at $250. I planned on doing the home inspection because I wanted to make sure that the house wasn't going to fall down down because of a bad foundation. I hesitated on the septic/well inspection because $500 is a lot of extra money to come up with, especially if we didn't end up buying the house. After thinking about it, I decided that I would go through with it because I needed to make sure everything was on the up and up. Bob came out to the house and did the septic/well insepction first. He dug up the area around the septic tank and uncovered the lid. He began flushing the toilet and filling up the sinks and bath tub, to se how the septic field was working. He called me and told me that he felt the tak was draining too slow and that I needed to get a septic company out to do further inspection. He then took water samples to the lab which came back clean but he thought that the water pressure wasn't high enought and that we needed a new well pump. I called a septic company out and they dug up the yard to look at the field and see if it could be saved. Every line was filled with roots and the field wasn't working at all. It turned out it hadn't worked in years. Needless to say, we got a brand new septic field from the seller, which cost over $6100. We also had to get new well points and a pump which was another $1400. Bob saved up over $7500 in repairs because we decided to get the septic and well inspection. The cost of the inspections was definitely money well spent! The home inspection was a learning experience about home maintenance. I learned what was wrong and right with the home. Bob shared with us what needed to be fixed immediately and what could be repaired over time. The home we were purchasing was built in 1953 and I wasn't expecting a "perfect home" just a great starter home. Bob represented himself in a very professional manner. He answered his phone every single time I called him before and after the inspection. He answered all my questions. Thank God for BT Home Inspections... other wise I would be $7500 poorer. Thank Bob!

                                                                                                      Troy and Brooke Sawade

As a first time home buyer I was referred to BT Home Inspections by my realtor. She insisted on a home inspection to ensure I got a clear understanding of the home I was buying. She highly recommended Bob of BT Home Inspections. He was everything she said he was..... knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, thorough, timely and affordable. Bob was very patient in explaining my home according to my level of understanding. After completing the home inspection, the seller  remedied the mold Bob uncovered in the attack, the electrical problem and corrected some problems on the exterior of my home. As part of his inspection I received a booklet on home maintenance that even today I find quite handy and reliable. I highly recommend BT Home Inspections....whether it's your first home on third.... he provides excellent service.